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From that moment a concept is hastily sprawled over pages of my notebook, to checking the very last proof for minor details, I enjoy all aspects of the book publishing process . Over the years I've written mainly for the education market and specialise in non-fiction which relates to the humanities curricula. 
Would you like to discuss a book project or are you in the middle of one and hit a road block? 
The fact that you and your audience is unique, requires fresh, creative solutions. For original copy, there is no other way but to take each commission and find a voice and tone in the text to fit your needs exactly. Nothing less will work. 

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My titles for adults are equally varied and focus on addressing contemporary needs in the academic sphere and women's spirituality. 
Below are a few examples of the work I have successfully completed, several examples are not in the public domain and I am happy to share them if relevant to a particular commission. Click on the photos for further details about the titles.  
Publication Blog - what's happening...? 
August 2021 - Release of The Gift of Our World, A little Muslim's guide to loving and caring for planet earth 
‘The Gift of the Our World is a much-needed environmental book for youngsters. Using a faith-based approach, the author has made a remarkable effort to explain contemporary environmental issues in an easy-to-understand manner.’ 
Salman Zafar, Founder, EcoMENA Riyadh, SA 
'Inspiring Future Eco warriors! 
This is a vital book for all children to learn about the environment and how they can protect, preserve, and conserve this precious planet. Suma’s illustrations add life and light to inspire children to continue to read and learn effortlessly. The Islamic perspective to the environment is presented beautifully.' 
Dr Husna Ahmad, OBE, CEO of Global One, Global Coordinator of the ANCSSC, Secretary General of the World Muslim Leadership Forum 
May 2021 - Release of Cut From the Same Cloth, Muslim women on life in Britain. A collection of twenty-one essays covering experiences ranging from spirituality, Islamophobia, work environments, hijab, anti-Blackness and much more on their lived experiences.  
April 12th 2021- Indonesian launch of Turning the Tide by Fatih Media Group 
It's been exciting to say the least to see the book launch over there via their IG platform, website and reviews bookstagram reviewers and academics. For anyone fluent in Indonesian, enjoy the links. For the rest of us, it's google translate!  
Check out Fatih Media Group's IG account for book trailers and more: 
April 2021 Latest News 
I'm delighted to join in with the Ramadan Virtual Camp with a short presentation on Turning the Tide and a related free write. For those who joined the session, there's a free downloadable pdf of two more writing prompts on the theme of 'The Ocean and Our Soul' over here 
Free writing is a great tool to reconnect with oneself and in this downloadable the focus is on our natural surroundings and the state of our soul.  
IMAN PUBLICATIONS Malaysia, kindly invited me to talk about 'Self -acceptance and Turning the Tide' a few days ago. It was an Instalive interview as part of the Book Festival 'Pesta Buku Iman - Rise Bravely' 2021 
March 2021 Latest News:  
There have been some wonderful opportunities to discuss themes from Turning the Tide over the past month; a book club session hosted by 'Featuring Soul'; An ilmfeed Podcast and The Muslim Vibe article, have all explored different stages of life through the text. I appreciate the chance to discuss the context too which frames any work.  
For International Womens Day #IWD2021, another interview popped up, courtesy of The Muslim Census - a new independent organisation 'committed to collecting representative data, to highlight issues faced by the UK Muslim community.' The Muslim Census featured four women active in different fields of work on their site here. The conversation with two of the perceptive undergrads in their research team was a rich exchange about contemporary scene of Muslim women's lives and opportunities compared to how it was 25 years ago. Carry on reading for more of our discussion. With thanks to Abida Borsha and Thamsia Salam! @muslimcensus  
January 2021 Latest news: Turning the Tide -Reawakening the Woman's Heart and Soul 4th edition was relaunched in November 2020 by Kube Publishing UK. US copies will be available from mid February 2021.  
There's been an overwhelming positive response with readers from around the world sending in the reviews over on The Rooted Writer's instagram page and images too!  
A snippet of the reviews:  
' I remember flipping through the chapters and finding the words profound and wise, but it wasn’t until I got married later that same year that they *really* spoke to me. I had entered a bewildering new phase of my life and it was reassuring to have this voice quietly anchoring my experiences to my spiritual beliefs. 
Turning the Tide is a book to hold your hand as you go through life; feeding your soul with Quranic inspiration and soothing your heart. This is the latest edition and I know I’ll be turning to these pages again and again' @Asma_Scribendi -bookstagrammer  
'What I particularly love about this book is the unique structure. Each chapter has been mapped out beautifully with different layers: 
- Introduction & Myriad Voices 
- Quranic verses 
- Hadith 
- Dua's 
- Noble Women 
These different elements add depth to the book and do a wonderful job at inviting the reader to contemplate their faith and to worship her Lord with excellence. 
The book truly does inspire readers to reawaken their hearts and souls. 
This book is a celebration of womanhood. I would highly reccomend it to all women, regardless of faith.' 
For more Reader Reviews Head over to tUrning the Tide's Highlights on IG HEre 
To read Expert Reviews on Kube's Blog, Click Here 
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