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I'm Suma, a published author and freelance writer.  
I write non-fiction for adults on the theme of faith and the ways it affects our lives, in particular women's spirituality and identity. 
People's true stories and experiences fascinate me and teach me more than any course I've ever completed or book I've read! So I'm interested in research that taps into untold stories and experiences, such as my work with mothers.  
For children I write cross-curricular themed books, with an eye on global citizenship and inclusion. I love making connections between a whole range of subjects so my books are rarely about 'one thing', because that's not how we learn in the real world!  
I ventured into illustrating my first children's book - The Gift of Our World (2021)- through using recycled collage art. Check it out here 
I'm based in Buckinghamshire, UK where I live with my family.  
Writing Services 
As well as writing my own books, I have produced educational resources used for Primary level RE, Global Citizenship and Geography for other organisations, and consulted on overseas curriculum development.  
On my Writing Services page you'll find details of what I can offer for your book, research or writing project.  
You can find out more about who I've written for, from international organisations to smaller charities and where I’m published; academic, main-stream and niche publishers. by looking around this site, or dropping me a query through the contact form below.  
I hold an B.A Hons in English Literature and Language (UCL), a PGCE in teaching Secondary English (IOE), a TEFL qualification and was awarded a distinction for my MA in Social Justice and Education (UCL IOE 2014).  
My portfolio and testimonials will give a flavour of how these qualifications have informed my writing.  
I am a member of The Society of Authors. 
Away from the formal qualifications, I have the experience of writing about daily life and people since childhood to today. Long before 'journaling' and theraputic writing were labelled as such, I was labouring away at both of these forms of writing, day in day out, decade in and decade out. And I still write in these two genres on a regular basis. Like any muscle that needs to stay toned, the pen is no different. 
Writing for you individually or your company is not just about marketing strategies, nowadays it’s about making a connection at a deeper level. 
This is what I do naturally in my writing. 
I wouldn’t say it’s effortless, as authenticity comes from taking the time to understand as opposed to just hearing and taking the time to reflect as opposed to instant reactions. 
I specialise in reaching a diverse audience and I do this through the skill of telling people’s stories. Whether this is a case study, the profiles of senior managers or writing a biography, I know the power of being able to relate to another human being. 


I know Suma as a scholar and a powerful networker, as well as an exemplary author. As the Director of Trentham Books, I published her excellent and well received book last year. I found her a joy to work with. Her research was very ambitious as she presents relevant views of over 50 women, many of whom she interviewed personally. She constructed a large sample which covered all possible social and academic variables, and brought it together in a way that makes for coherent reading and a basis for learning.  
Gillian Klein 
Senior Fellow in Publishing UCL IOE Press and Publisher of Trentham Books 
Suma was a consultant trainer on a leadership programme we ran for women and young people. Suma brought her huge experience to the project and delighted the delegates with her delivery, engagement and content which was thoroughly researched and well executed. We were delighted to have her on our team. 
Ifath Nawaz  
Senior Consultant Solicitor 
Suma is a writer of extraordinary talent and a consummate professional. Her writing is honest and heartfelt, conveying both compassion and depth of understanding. Over the years, I have worked with many authors and Suma stands out as being a reliable, engaging and gifted writer.  
SA Editor 
Suma is passionate about language and words, diligent, sensitive and kind all at the same time. She writes brilliantly and has a way of expressing herself in a poetic way that very few can claim. Her attention to detail is second to none and she is easy and efficient to work with.  
Julie Siddiqi 
Charity Director 
I am delighted to commend the work of Suma Din, as a fine educationalist and an imaginative, creative and innovative writer. I have enjoyed working with her on enabling more teachers to understand Islam and teach it well in RE.  
Lat Blaylock  
REToday Consultant 
Suma is a talented and prolific writer who produces literature and resources that educate and inspire people of all backgrounds. I highly recommend her work! 
Dr S Hamid 
Columnist & Academic 
Suma is a very keen and positive individual who is passionate about her work with helping parents in the community to be more active citizens. She has spoken at one of my events and had a lot of positive feedback in the evaluation of her session. She has a wealth of experience which will stand her in good stead for future projects.  
Rukhsana Yaqoob 
Former Headteacher 
Independent Educational Consultant 
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